The Value of Video for CPD and Training

Educationalists discuss the value of video as a CPD tool ?The value of video is quite simple; basically you can demonstrate what things look like in reality? says Andrew Pollard Professor of Education at the IOE. Teachers, heads and other educationalists discuss how they use video, including Teachers TV material, as a CPD tool, both for their own edification and more formally within training sessions. At West Herts College they hold regular twilight CPD sessions to discuss Teachers TV programmes such as From Good to Outstanding in order to take a fresh look at their own practice.

Some canny headteachers such as Brenda Bigland from Lent Rise Primary in Slough keep an eye on their fellow heads through the medium of Teachers TV ?to make sure I?m not missing a trick,? especially in terms of ICT use. Some teachers use Teachers TV video for more informal CDP to improve their skill set, to update their knowledge of e-safety or to see how to become an AST. Others watch programmes as part of their teachers training or post graduate work.

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