The Holocaust

Six KS3 history lesson-starter ideas for teaching the Holocaust This programme contains 6 KS3 lesson starters on the topic of the Holocaust:
1. These rare home movies capture the personal lives of a Jewish family in Germany in the years leading up to second world war.
2. A Jewish woman, born in Germany in 1924, talks about her work as a musician in a concentration camp orchestra.
3. A short video about the Wannsee conference, where senior Nazi officials gathered in 1942 to plan for the deportation and extermination of European Jews.
4. A Jewish woman born in Germany in the 1920s remembers her brother who was executed by the Gestapo for supporting the resistance movement.
5. Set in modern day Berlin, a Jewish man who survived Nazi Germany describes his extraordinary personal experience of the second world war.
6. This short video focuses on the life of one of few British Jews who was deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

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