The Car Restorer

A car restorer works with GCSE students to design a logo We ask Lance McCormack, restorer of classic cars for the rich and famous, to come to school for a day. Can he teach a KS4 class to appreciate the importance of good design? Class teacher, Stuart Alexander, helps him to plan the lesson and observes the outcome.

Lance not only restores old cars, he uses his design skills to create and hand-build distinctive one-off vehicles.

The lesson he’s going to try to teach to a class of D&T students at St Marks School in Hounslow is about the link between people’s memories and personalities and what they are attracted to visually, and involves an exercise is designing a business logo.

Lance also tries to get across that being chained to the computer screen is not enough to build a professional appreciation of design, arguing that one needs to look at the shapes and colours of nature for inspiration.

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