The Best Of

The greatest moments of first time celebrity teachers Fame or wealth offer no protection as some of Britain’s best known figures attempt to teach a lesson for the first time in their lives.

This is a selection of the most illuminating and amusing moments over the past five years of the series.
Witness David Blunkett talk about blindness and poetic imagery; John Humphrys being tackled by pupils about his use of English and Vanessa Feltz discussing family relationships with primary pupils. Madness front man Suggs returns to his old school – about which he wrote the hit Baggy Trousers- and helps a GCSE music class write and perform their own version of an irreverent school song. In a fascinating exploration of codes and their uses, Simon Singh brings a WW2 Enigma machine to a GCSE maths class to reveals how modern life is governed by numbers from science to the internet.

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