The 48 Hour Inspection

One school’s experience of the new Ofsted inspections From September 2005, all future Ofsted inspections will be radically different. They last just two days with only 48 hours notice. This film looks at a pilot for the new inspection regime which took place at Ladybarn Primary School in Manchester last year. The new inspections are shorter and more focused.

Follow lead inspector Clive Kempton, as he returns to review progress and talks to the Head, Lisa Vyas, her colleagues, parents and pupils. All welcome the new system as they feel it gives a more accurate reflection of what the school is like. Pupils particularly liked the fact that the inspectors wrote a letter to them, giving their verdict.

Central to the new inspections is the self evaluation form, which the inspectors use to determine which areas of school life to focus on. Clive Kempton explains just what the inspectors are looking for in the SEF.

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