The 2-Hour/4-Hour Challenge at Secondary

Addressing the goverment’s new challenges for PE By 2008, the Government wants 85% of pupils to be doing at least two hours a week of high-quality Physical Education and Sport within school. By 2010, the ambition is for all children to be doing at least four hours a week. Of those, it’s expected at least two should be within the curriculum, and the rest in out- of-school hours, or in the community and clubs.

The Manor School in Mansfield, a specialist sports college, is addressing the challenge with a range of opportunities designed to involve all students. Some groups who would traditionally have low participation rates are specially targeted. Options include not only traditional team games, but also martial arts, boccia, trampolining, rocketball, yoga and street dance.

The Manor School’s approach doesn’t just rely on diverse provision. It also ensures that high quality is maintained, and that leadership by students is used as a tool to increase participation.

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