Teachers Try – Stand-up Comedy

Teachers try their hand at making people laugh The most nervewracking thing next to teaching is to stand up and attempt to make people laugh. Both activities require unflinching courage and an ability to choose the right words at the right time. So, if you can do teaching, you’d think stand-up comedy would be a breeze? Well, yes and no. Recorded back in 2005, here’s a chance to watch a selsction of teachers from all over the counrty try their hand at making you smile! There is a great array of comic styles on show, linked together by Peter Curran’s wry observations. The quickfire one-liners about bodily function are set alongside elaborate plays on language, misspelling and grim pronouncuation. the strange sounds from teachers brandishing ukuleles that hover somewhere between music and a fire alarm. There are gags about regional differences, observations about the accommodation, the technology and the maddening everyday frustrations of teaching life.

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