Teacher-Pupil: A Good Working Relationship

The story of Jake, who was excluded from mainstream school at 14 Jake left school at 14 after being excluded from mainstream education. He believes that if only he had been able to have a better relationship with his teachers things might have turned out differently. So what happened, and what can be learnt from his experiences? Jake takes us through his history and talks to a range of teachers and students to help understand the complexities and some of the solutions to having a good working relationship between teachers and pupils.

We also hear from Rob Plevin, a classroom behaviour expert, who offers his tips on how to establish good teacher-pupil relationships in and outside the classroom. Katie Argent a psychotherapist from the Tavistock Clinic, explains the complexities of establishing the right sort of relationships with children, and the need for professionals to work together. Professor Patricia Broadfoot of Gloucestershire University talks about the place of relationship building in the British education system today.

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