TAs – In Special Schools

HLTAs and LSAs provide EBD students with vital support Oakwood is a small school for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties where a high percentage have speech and language problems. However Oakwood is a success; all pupils leave the school with either GCSEs or a job. This success is due in part to the work of the LSAs, of which there are now twelve including two HLTAs.

The LSAs offer more than simply supporting the teacher. They are subject-specific, and able to conduct in-class assessments, offer one-to-one help outside the class, and take pupils off-site to attend alternative curriculum projects, such as motorbike maintenance. The two HLTAs have also designed and implemented their own project, called the Social Language Programme, which takes place once a week for Year 7s. The project aims to show the pupils appropriate ways to behave and communicate, as well as helping with their speech and language.

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