Taking Risks with the Teacher

Bayley works with a teacher and her TAs to improve their teamwork Behaviour expert John Bayley offers teaching assistants advice on managing the behaviour of a challenging KS3 class.

At Bishop Stopford School in Enfield, recently qualified RE teacher Flora Hoori has a job on her hands with 9B3. They are noisy and difficult to keep on task and although she has two teaching assistants to offer support, the team is currently finding the going tough.

Sharon Collins, a parent with four school age children, and Vuyisa Henry, a recent university graduate are mainly allocated to pupils with Special Educational Needs. But John Bayley believes that Flora could be making greater use of the talents of her support staff, in managing the class, and allowing her the space to teach more effectively.

The programme follows the team putting Bayle’s advice into practice, and explores the power of more frequent use of praise, and offering a wider range of activities which cater more closely to the needs of the students.

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