Take 10 Weeks – Singing School

Can a year-long music programme be crammed into 10 weeks? With the government placing more emphasis on singing in schools by introducing a Singing Czar in the shape of popular composer Howard Goodall (who provides an introduction), this programme follows the teachers of Morley Memorial Primary School in Cambridge, as they trial a 10-week version of a training course provided by conductor and musician Suzi Digby of The Voices Foundation. Founded 14 years ago, The Voices Foundation normally offers schools a year-long programme to improve singing and the understanding of music which will, it claims, boost self-confidence, enhance mental alertness and improve social cohesion within a school. The cameras follow Suzi and the teachers as they put the theory into practice and try to squeeze a year’s work into 10 weeks. It’s not always an easy ride, and we some of the pressures on teachers of taking on the extra workload.

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