TA for a Day

A valuable insight into the world of the TA To learn how to make more effective use of her own TAs and discover more about the potential of their role a teacher spends the day as a TA.

Sarah Powell of Tanbridge House School in Horsham is an experienced English teacher who regularly works with a TA in her class but feels that she could get more from the relationship. To help her find out Sarah spent a day working as a TA at local East Sussex school Bexhill High.

Sarah learns about the methods Bexhill High School uses to help ensure that teachers and TAs work together as effectively as possible, and she gets first hand experience of the role of the TA in class.

TA for a Day gives any teacher who works with TAs a valuable insight into the role of the TA, and ideas on how to ensure that the relationship between teacher and TA is as effective as possible.

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