Suspected Abuse

Ted Wragg moderates an imaginary scenario about physical abuse Teachers and managers role-play solutions to challenging problems with Ted Wragg chairing the discussion.

They look at the actions taken when a headteacher suspects a pupil is being physically abused and the questions raised by it. When should the inter-agency child protection team of the police, health and social services be involved?

The eight panellists respond to a case study involving six-year-old Jade who appears at school with bruising. Dilemmas arise when determining whether Jade’s bruises are the result of rough and tumble in the playground or more serious signs of abuse at home.

Panellists include 2004 Teaching Awards winner Sue Seifert (Head of Montem Primary School), Andrew Nixon (Head of Fortismere School), Michael Bradley (Deputy Head at Montem Primary School), Heather Hurrey (Secondary Teacher with Child Protection responsibility at Rossmore Community College) and Detective Sergeant Steve Hynes, Child Protection Officer from Hertfordshire Constabulary.

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