Succeeding Against the Odds: Wood Green High School

A school reveals its strategy for rising above the odds Wood Green High School features in an Ofsted report that showcases twelve schools in challenging circumstances that have all been rated as ‘outstanding’ in at least two inspections. This programme examines the elements that have created the success at Wood Green, which is in Wednesbury in the West Midlands, one of the five poorest areas of the UK.

Staff, pupils and parents set out what they believe to be the reasons behind the school’s success:
1. A positive school ethos
2. Providing a curriculum that meets all our needs
3. Focusing on staff recruitment and training
4. Removing barriers to learning
5. Creating a culture of learning through sport.

Each of these five areas is explored to reveal exactly what the school is doing to ensure it provides the very highest quality of education for all its students.

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