An uplifting video promoting positivity and tranquility Smiles from children across the globe combine to present a cheerful diversion in this video to help you unwind. Designed with advice from an expert psychologist to help reduce stress levels. The film is a reminder of the value of ‘sharing a smile’ A smile can demonstrate so many things but it is generallyassociated with happiness and contentedness. Research has demonstrated that smiling can inspire qualities such as trustworthiness and attractiveness. Furthermore, a smile is often contagious and can therefore bring happiness to others. A smile can speak a thousand words and it transcends all barriers – culture, age, race, religion, sex, ability, socio-economic status…Smiling is a Universal language. It can alter your outlook or perception – when someone smiles at you, it can give you such a ‘feel-good factor’. The best time to watch this film is when you don’t feel like smiling. The expert adviser was psychologist Dr Victoria Galbraith.

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