Stress Relief Video – Calming Countryside

The picturesque countryside promotes relaxation and peace Babbling brooks, leafy lanes and colourful meadows provide a pastoral excursion in this video aimed at helping you rest and relax. Designed with advice from an expert psychologist to help reduce stress levels. This film is full of beautiful scenery. It’s a bright sunny day where you glimpse the sun cascading through the trees, you see countryside, a running stream, bright colours and green foliage. If you listen closely, you can hear the birds singing. These scenes allow you to awaken your senses, to feel at one with nature and to relax! The camera angle at times enables you to imagine being small or childlike where you are running through the long grass with no cares in the world, surrounded by beauty and serenity. At other times, you get a bird’s eye view which can help you to imagine the unimaginable¬¶the sky is the limit! The best time to watch this film is when you feel most relaxed, go with it!

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