Storing Our Stuff

A designer helps students creating interesting storage solutions This series features six schools which have successfully participated in the Joinedupdesignforschools project. In this project, the brainchild of The Sorrell Foundation, pupils have the major say in how an aspect of their school’s environment is improved. The pupils are the clients, briefing designers who produce designs for their approval.

Joinedupdesignforschools follows a four-stage pattern:

The Challenge
The Brief
The Conversation
The Concept.

In many cases, and in all six of those featured in this series, money has been found to make the new designs become a reality. This, the fifth stage, is The Follow-Up.

Designer William Warren worked with a client team of pupils from Brecknock School in north London to solve the problem of where to store their stuff. The solution was to create individual lockers which look like little houses, each with its own distinctive front door.

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