St. Peters Church of England Primary

Staff demonstrate how they support EAL pupils’ learning St Peter’s Primary is an inner city primary school is surrounded by tower blocks in the centre of Leeds. After London and Birmingham this area has the highest number of refugees and asylum seekers in the country and over twenty languages are spoken by pupils attending this school of 250. There are no grassy areas in the community and the school has limited growing space.

Despite the lack of resources the school seeks to give children a wide range of experiences, many of which they don’t have access to at home. They tie in the work they do in the garden and kitchen with the project work in the school and find that in the teaching of language, practical subjects help children to understand and widen their vocabulary. The head is keen to pull in the community into the school with a gardening club, ‘cooking with parents’ sessions and a knitting club started by the children that they have now invited local OAPs to join.

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