St Francis Xavier Primary School

A primary school transformed by the Healthy Schools Initiative Although this school is located in an area of the West Midlands blighted by social problems and is sandwiched between chemical factories and the M5 motorway, it can proudly boast of being ‘one of the healthiest schools in the region’. The current head has overseen this transformation with the Healthy Schools Initiative in the following ways:

– revolutionizing lunchtimes with new play equipment and play leaders

– creating a Healthy Eating Club – an after-school club that forged links with the local Sainsburys store using only fair trade ingredients in their cookery

– in their bid to be green the students grow their own vegetables, save and conserve energy around the school and have forged a link with a school in India selling fair trade craft items for charity

– introducing Ballroom Dancing which has proved to be a very popular lunchtime event featuring dance trainers giving lessons to the students.

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