Special Needs: Inclusion

See the debate on where SEN children should be educated A row has erupted over where to educate children with special educational needs, sparked by Baroness Mary Warnock – widely credited as the architect of the policy to educate children with special needs in mainstream schools. It’s nearly thirty years since her ground-breaking report helped open the doors of mainstream schools to SEN children. Government policy now advocates educating only those with the most severe difficulties in special schools. So 89% – some 1.3 million – of children with special needs now attend mainstream schools.

But now, in an apparent U-turn, Baroness Warnock has made the controversial claim that many of these might well be better off in special schools after all.

As well as an in-depth interview with Baroness Warnock, the programme airs the arguments of teachers, campaigners and parents for and against inclusion on practical and human rights grounds, including Micheline Mason, AIE; Mark Vaughan, CSIE; Amanda Batten, NAS; and Barry Sheerman MP.

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