Sir Peter Lampl

Estelle speaks to educational philanthropist Sir Peter Lampl Estelle Morris talks to Sir Peter Lampl who set up the Sutton Trust to provide educational opportunities for young people from non-privileged backgrounds. His dream is to make the top 100 fee-charging schools in Britain – the ones that always head the league tables of GCSE and A-level results – open to bright children from poor homes.

The educational philanthropist, who made his money in private equity in the US, tells Estelle about his own background as a successful British Grammar school pupil from an upwardly mobile family. He says he returned to the UK to find that families like his own were not being given the same chances he had, which is why he set up the Trust in 1997.

Sir Peter also explains why he puts his money into rigorous research which often makes political waves because it challenges the status quo, and, as he puts it ‘poses the questions everyone wants answered’.

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