Showing Them Who’s Boss

Bayley instils assertiveness into a teacher and her assistant Three years ago, Sue Hills gave up her job as a university maths lecturer to teach pupils at the Moulton School in Northampton.

Most of the time she finds her role extremely rewarding but the lower ability groups can be challenging, particularly in transitions between different parts of the lesson.

John Bayley observes Sue teach and feels he can help. He suggests that she needs to be more assertive, developing clear and recognisable signals when she wants quiet and taking firm action with pupils who refuse to obey immediately. Being able to watch herself teach, Sue recognises the ‘wishy-washy’ nature of her teaching style and resolves to change.

Over the next few days, John continues to observe Sue as she gradually puts his advice into practice. Working closely with her teaching assistant, Donna Eastman, the pair form a highly effective team, dealing with trouble as soon as it arises and adopting a more assertive teaching style.

The results are compelling.

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