Self Assessment and Peer-to-Peer Marking

One school’s approach to self-assessment in peer-to-peer marking This film is aimed at teachers who want learners to develop more self-awareness of their ability, their development through introspection & through peer-to-peer analysis. Kathryn Sanders, head of innovation, at St Joseph?s College in Swindon is working with a Year 9 group to get them to analyse their strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of their life. She then asks them to look at a small piece of literacy ? it?s an English lesson ? & analyse the writing of their neighbour?s work. Students then feedback to each other & often find that they are achieving at a higher level than they realised. Kathryn sees this as a vital life skill & important as students prepare for GCSEs & more independent work in the years ahead. Teachers of Year 9 students will find this helpful, though the strategy could be used from Year 7. This style works particularly well in English but could be adapted for many subjects. Resources for self-assessment are available with this film which is 3rd in a series of 3

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