Secondary Supply Teachers – A Day in the Life

A supply teacher takes a day’s placement in a challenging school A ‘masterclass’ in being a good supply teacher.

Emma Clamp is a qualified maths teacher but for two years she has opted to work as a supply teacher.

This programme follows her on a day’s placement at Lister Community School in east London. She’s been asked to work in the humanities department.

Andy Krokou, the School Manager, is looking for someone with quiet authority who will engage with the pupils so that some learning will have happened by the end of the lesson. Andy is well prepared and gives Emma her timetable, a photo sheet of the pupils and a plan of the school.

Emma’s day starts well, teaching maths with specific work left for the students. A later science lesson on forces is more tricky and she talks about the range of techniques and skills she uses to get the best out of each lesson.

Her last lesson of the day is the most testing. She gives out 6 report cards but still manages some quality teaching. Andy invites her back.

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