Secondary Reading Practice

A school in Chile encourages students to enjoy their texts A grade 10 language lesson at Liceo de Aplicacion, Santiago.

Secondary teacher Jorge Montt and his students are working on a psychological text ?El Otro Yo? by Uruguyan author Mario Benedetti. As well as using set texts, Montt believes it?s important to find texts that are appropriate for the age group, to help develop his students? interest in reading.

When it comes to studying a text, he first encourages his students to identify key words, and ask questions of the text, and then uses activities such as drama to help students interpret and developing a deeper understanding of its underlying messages. In this lesson, students work in groups to write and perform short monologues or dialogues that explore the idea of a split personality.

For Montt, it?s all about equipping his students with skills for the 21st Century.

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