Secondary MFL Using ICT

Ideas for using ICT to teach MFL at secondary level At Nottingham High School for Boys, Head of MFL José Picardo finds that using a range of stimulating web applications is a good way to get his boys speaking good quality Spanish, whether they’ve just started the language or are preparing for their GSCE oral presentations.
At Kingstone School in Barnsley, Fiona Hilton uses internet applications that her students are familiar with in their daily life to stimulate their interest in French life and language. She uses downloaded French language videos to trigger vocabulary work with her Year 10 class, encourages them to use the internet for research and to use an inter-school social network site to communicate with French speaking students around the world.
The emphasis across the school at Cramlington Learning Village is on encouraging students’ self-assessment skills. With Head of Languages Chris Harte, a Year 9 group is creating an audio-visual presentation about Haiti using simple editing techniques to improve their spoken French.

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