Secondary Maths Using ICT

Teachers use ICT with ‘hard to teach’ maths topics We follow three teachers as they use innovative ICT to tackle traditionally ‘hard to teach’ maths topics with their pupils. A Year 9 class in Wellingborough uses dynamic geometry software to investigate circle theorems and quickly come up with come conjectures and proofs. Year 9 girls in east London use interactive 3-D geometry software to help them visualise and explore what’s going on inside three-dimensional shapes. A class of Year 8s in Walsall use handheld computer devices to look at quadratic number sequences for the first time and explore the different ways they can be represented.

These case studies are part of a research project in which the Mathematical Association (MA) and the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM), supported by BECTA, worked with teachers to develop extended case studies and support materials that use ICT to tackle ‘hard to teach’ topics in the teaching of mathematics.

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