Secondary Maths 2

A look at three resources for secondary maths Resource Review is the place to see three teaching resources given a rigorous road test. Whether you’re looking for the latest product on the market or a classic that has passed you by, we can help. Each week, teachers try resources in their classrooms and our studio panellists discuss which deserve top marks, and which should be sent to the bottom of the class. In this programme, Adam Creen, Head of Mathematics at Salesian School in Surrey has recommended:

– Calculator-based Ranger, by Texas Instruments
– Task Maths Interactive CD-Roms, by Cambridge Hitachi
– Mathematical Toolkit from

Presenter Hermione Cockburn is joined in the studio by Adam and panellists Adrian Oldknow, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Computing at University College in Chichester, and Chris Olley, Mathematics Education Consultant at Education Interactive. Tune in to find out what they think.

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