Secondary Citizenship – A Cross Curriculum Approach

How to take a cross-curriculum approach to citizenship At Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden, Manny Fernandez oversees the Life Skills faculty: it’s a conglomeration of many different subjects, including PSHE and citizenship. We watch as he uses a teaching pack provided by the Citizenship Foundation called the Giving Nation Challenge – Year 11 students choose a way of encouraging fundraising in the local community, and this stretches from rallying students to throw cream pies at the teacher or shave their chest hair, to organising discos and raising money on the High Street.
In the second part, we see geography teacher Helen Gosnell use opinion lines and carousels to ask students how they view the world around them, and how better to become global citizens. And if they perform well, they might even be in the running for a trip to Zambia to visit their twinned school, which they use as the basis for so much teaching at the school.

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