Secondary Assessment for Learning – Geography

Hendon School’s geography department embed effective AfL The Geography Department at Hendon School has worked hard to embed Assessment for Learning into their schemes of work, with impressive results.

A Year 10 top set identifies key features in a model ‘Rivers’ answer, using the GCSE mark scheme, and discuss what makes an A* answer. Then, using a ‘Settlement’ question, they debate what assessment elements will be in the mark scheme. Answering questions with a genuine mark scheme leads to peer assessment of each other’s answers. Using paired work ensures that students know exactly what they need to include in their answers to get a Level 3. The teacher’s ‘verbal feedback’ stamp on their written work reduces marking time for teachers.
A Year 8 class, studying population distribution in Australia, works out what makes a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ piece of peer assessment. Working in pairs, they write peer assessment comments with targets giving feedback on the quality of the comments. The lesson ends with whole class self assessment.

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