Secondary Assessment – Assessment for Learning: Dances with Boys

A look at self and peer assessment in dance Self and Peer Assessments are the cornerstone of Assessment for Learning; an unusual but very appropriate application is in Dance. Barking Academy and Specialist Sports College in East London has AFL as part of its development plan. The PE department takes this very seriously, integrating video playback technology into many activities.

We see Dance specialist Alex Lowe work on a warm-up routine with boys, who then review their performance on video and repeat the work. They comment on the value of the exercise in understanding their own performance and correcting it. Alex comments on some dangers of Peer Assessment and the need to prepare pupils beforehand.

They then move on to rehearse a longer sequence based on the political ballet ‘Swan Song?’ More systematic, written Self and Peer Assessment work helps them develop an understanding of their own bodies and movements as well as developing their critical skills as an audience.

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