School to School

Networking between schools to make life easier The magazine series helping teachers to manage their workload and improve their work-life balance.

This programme looks at three schemes where schools are networking. Their collaborations are already proving successful in terms of more effective teaching and an easing of workloads.

Icknield High in Luton is piloting the use of video conferencing. A history class uses it to access a lesson on World War Two direct from the National Archive. Art and design students discuss creative techniques with students in another school and a science class runs a conference involving three schools, with the moderation of a visiting expert.

In Cornwall, headteachers Gillian Greenwood and John Vipond use a software programme called Schoolcentre to share action plans, policy information and ideas for school improvement.

College High School in Birmingham has been receiving extra help with management and extra support with teaching from nearby Hamstead Hall School.

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