School Leadership: Federations and Distributed Leadership

Two case studies review leadership structure changes Two case studies where new leadership structures have helped turn around struggling schools, plus educational academics from Manchester University comment on the wider picture of leadership changes.

The first example is Monteney and Foxhill Primary Schools in Sheffield, where Nicola Shipman is the Executive Headteacher. The schools are in what’s known as a ‘Soft Federation’ with separate governing bodies, and are currently consulting on becoming a ‘Hard Federation’ with one governing body and merged leadership teams.

The second case history focuses on the Canterbury Campus in Kent where Phil Karnavas is the Executive Headteacher, where an all-through primary and secondary ‘Hard Federation’ exists, plus many extended services, including adult education.

Professor Mel Ainscow at the University of Manchester and his colleagues see great potential in these emerging new leadership structures as models for the future.

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