Saving the Planet and the Purse

Ringmer Community College’s energy saving approaches How the arrival of an environment co-ordinator at a Brighton Secondary helped cut carbon emissions and energy bills whilst encouraging green lessons
When part-time teaching assistant Stephen Green started an eco club no-one could have predicted the impact he would make at Ringmer Community College, East Sussex. In just a few years the club went from a membership of 5 to more than 200 – that’s a quarter of all pupils – and the school installed its first solar panels. The school kept up the environmental momentum by asking Stephen to become a dedicated environmental co-ordinator. Since then a wind turbine, a ground source heat pump and biomass boiler have appeared, at no cost to the school, drastically reducing both carbon emissions and energy bills. The green message has become part of teaching across the curriculum while green projects, such as turning scrap paper into notebooks, have raised money for charity.
A finalist in the ‘How Green is Your School’ Teachers TV competition.

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