Two school trips involving opera and a symphony concert A Year 10 class goes to the London Coliseum for an ‘Enjoy Opera’ workshop based on the English National Opera’s performance of Rigoletto.
For most of the visiting class this is their first experience of live opera. They learn through participative sessions that opera is a synthesis of many different art forms. Two members of the ENO chorus sing arias from the opera, and help the students analyse the plot.

Meanwhile, in Lowestoft, a Year 8 class is invited to watch the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsing for a symphony concert that includes Elgar’s Enigma Variations. The RPO has an active education programme, fostering an interest in classical music and concert-going. This is an opportunity for pupils to experience for the first time the excitement of a world-class orchestral performance, and to see how the conductor imprints his own interpretation on the works.

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