Robot Challenge

Students from South Yorkshire build a robot for a US competition It’s a massive challenge. A team made up from two schools must design, build and test a robot before travelling to America to take part in a high profile competition against hundreds of other schools from all over the world.

The robot, which is made from a kit of 150 parts common to all teams, must be capable of competing in a basketball type game and the stakes are high. Teams from Ridgewood and Campsmount Schools in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, a town with engineering in its DNA, find that the mechanical and computing challenges are very real, and that’s before someone forgets to take a screwdriver to unpack the robot in the States!

It’s a roller-coaster ride for the team with new problems springing up as fast as old ones are nailed down. An inspiring programme which shows the huge benefits for both teachers and pupils that can come with tackling an ambitious project far away from home.

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