Richard Eyre

Jonathan Dimbleby speaks to Richard Eyre about arts education Richard Eyre is one of Britain’s most eclectic artistic talents; an acclaimed director of theatre, film, television, opera and musical; as well as an accomplished writer. As a leading light of the Arts establishment, Eyre has tirelessly campaigned for Arts education. He holds honorary professorships; he’s patron to numerous community-based theatre-in-education projects; he’s called for the Arts to be made core to the National Curriculum.

But Eyre holds his own views on what art is, and why it should be taught. True Art, he says, has a higher purpose to ‘examine the world, not just to please or appease fashion’.
This view may surprise or even alarm teachers. It holds a clear implication: rather than teach children to practice art, schools should teach children to appreciate it.

Jonathan Dimbleby explores his career and views in this fascinating interview.

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