Riain’s Reading Journey

A record of a four-year-old’s progress in reading A unique close-up view of one pupil’s progress in reading over a twelve week period, captured on camera by the teachers of Measham Primary School in rural Leicestershire.

The journey starts with 4 year old Riain sharing a book with friends and explaining the story as he remembers it, greatly stimulated by the pictures. Already his enjoyment is clear and the emphasis on creating a love of books is uppermost in his teachers’ minds as they introduce more challenging tasks. His two teachers, Jane McNee and Sarah Rundlett, record his progress as we follow him through a variety of activities in a phonics-based approach to learning letter sounds and recognising words.

As we witness his impressive progress in reading and his enjoyment of books develops, the accompanying video diary footage shows Jane and Sarah judging the time when he can move on, and commenting on the wider issues of recording his learning using video.

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