Return to Two Schools in Nablus Special

The school year ends at the two Palestinian schools We return to Hajja Rushda girls school and King Tala boys school for the final months of the academic year, to complete this year-in-the-life observation of two Palestinian schools.
It was a chaotic start to the year, and the final weeks are equally stressful. With exam time upon them, there are all the usual crises of time-tabling, over-crowded classes, over-stretched teachers and plenty of anxious students. Added to this are the extraordinary pressures of school life under occupation, with more student arrests by the Israeli army and severe restrictions on travel for students and teachers alike. It’s an emotional time all round, with tensions, tears and triumphs. It’s also time to look to the future: for the final year students, their school-leaving exams will determine what they will do with the rest of their lives.

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