Return to Nablus – The Path to the Future

The students must take their important final year exams Tawjihi, the path to the future, is the name of the school-leaving public exams that determine the futures of thousands of Palestinian students. We follow some of these final year students at King Talal boys school and Hajja Rushda girls school in this, the most important stage of their academic lives. Masar Sa’ed is trying to redeem her year. Her grades suffered earlier in the year because she was the only family member allowed to visit her brother, Marwan, who was held in an Israeli prison. Tariq too had a bumpy year and was almost expelled, but he has turned over a new leaf and has his hopes set on studying law at university. Alongside Masar and Tariq are Zed and Mahmood, two students with very different attitudes to their finals. They all need good grades and they all face difficult questions of whether to remain and study in Nablus, or to study abroad, or start work. It is an emotional time that will determine what they do with the rest of their lives.

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