Return of the Mummy

What happened when students discovered an ancient Egyptian mummy Uplands Community Technology College in Wadhurst has a real life skeleton in the cupboard, in the form of an ancient Egyptian mummy. It was discovered by a student in a cupboard he was tidying up. Discover who this mummy is and why was she there.

Motivated by the discovery of the mummy in their school, students begin a journey to fill in the gaps in the mystery, investigating what these fragments of bone and skin can tell them about this ancient individual.

Their detective hunt takes them from Manchester University’s centre for Biomedical Egyptology to witness the latest scientific techniques to be carried out on the mummy, to a village in Sussex. In this village they hear the testimony of a local woman who has a connection with the mummy from over 30 years ago. They eventually discover a private file of correspondence stored at the British Museum relating to the mummy.

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