Refugee Arts

New arrivals gain skills by working on digital media projects Most refugees and new arrivals need to quickly learn a range of skills; increasingly this means IT as well as literacy and numeracy. City Learning Centres can have a key role to play and in the London Borough of Lambeth, the CLC is currently based at the British Film Institute on the South Bank. There’s naturally an emphasis on film-making and digital media; tutor Blossom Carasco works with students on animation, photo-shop and more. A group of EAL Year 10s come with their teacher Anthony Gunning to work towards the Trinity Guildhall Arts Award; Jose (Portugal) describes his latest film, Nadine (Guinea Bissau) collects photographs of people’s clothes out on the South Bank for her final project; Bai (Sierra Leone) describes the study he wants to make comparing African and European cultures. Project Manager Julia Lawrence explains how the course helps build on their English as just one of the skills they’ll need to communicate in future.

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