Quizzing the Data

Data quiz helping governors manage statistics, graphs and jargon Can’t stand statistics? Do data and charts leave you dazed and confused? The data game’s here to help.

As a governor you need to be able to tackle the mountains of data you receive to be effective. But if jargon, graphs and the statistics in the school report aren’t your bag, then this quiz might be just the thing to help. It highlights what you need to be aware of as a governor, what you need to be asking and how this feeds into the school development plan. Two teams of primary and secondary governors have their understanding of school performance data put to the test by quiz host Tom Green, ably supported by Newham’s School Improvement Services performance data expert, Richard Rice. Why not show this programme at your next Governor meeting and join in the quiz yourselves, or design your own one with the help of the longer version of the quiz and a glossary that can be found in the web resources which accompany the programme.

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