Puppet Play in India

A school near Delhi uses puppets in English lessons JNV Mungeshpur is a school near Delhi with an intake of first-generation learners from rural backgrounds. English teacher Uma Kala enlists the help of her art teacher husband Chittermani Kala to introduce puppets into her teaching. She records the process on video.

The video shows how the children work from an open-ended stimulus of images and traditional fables to create their own story on the theme of ‘No War Any More’. They are helped in translating their stories by older students; they then create a puppet play using puppets they have made themselves.

In the discussion, consultant Adrienne Jones is joined by Uma, together with a teacher of geography and headteacher Prit Singh, to talk about the video project. It shows that learning through puppets is enjoyable and effective for students, and points the way for more experiential learning and investigative work using video.

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