Pupil Voice – Learner Teacher, Teacher Learner

A group of secondary students spend the day with trainee teachers The Teacher Training Department at Manchester Metropolitan University takes the concept of pupil voice one step further as they invite a group of students from Cheadle Hulme High on campus to spend a day evaluating some of their trainees. The students are used to giving their feedback on lessons delivered by trainees on teaching practice in school as they are part of a scheme that takes students randomly from across all year groups and gives them the opportunity to advise the trainees about their lessons. This day out is different though as once the students have made their views known about the morning session’s mini lessons, they have the tables turned on them and are given just one hour to prepare a lesson of their own using the department’s resources. The afternoon is spent delivering those lessons which are then evaluated by the trainees. Both sides benefit enormously as the trainees learn what works for the students and the students find out what it takes to be a teacher.

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