Pupil Voice and Assessment for Learning

A teacher uses video for assessment for her Masters research Find out how one secondary maths teacher tackles her Masters practitioner research using video to record pupil voice and assessment for learning and receives tutor feedback.

At Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in Cumbria, maths teacher Sophie Garne has been engaged in practitioner research for her Masters level module at Cumbria University. In her research, she uses video to record pupil voice and the use of assessment for learning journals in her Year 10 GCSE maths class. The evidence suggests that the journals and the pupil reflection to camera also support learning to learn and offer insights to pupils as well as to Sophie about their learning. Consideration is now being given to how the assessment for learning tool could be differentiated and applied in different classes.

Dr Pete Boyd, the course tutor, and Joseph McElroy, 2nd in maths at Queen Elizabeth School, join Sophie to assess the research so far.

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