Problem-Solving – Football Problems

Problem-solving using a football activity for Key Stage 2 maths This lesson starter, aimed at KS2 Maths tests pupil?s number problem-solving skills.

It?s time to take the team photo for the 7-a-side football team. Unfortunately the photographer only knows the goal keeper, number 1?s, name, so he uses number clues to position the team to get the best photo.

Can your pupils follow the clues and work out which player stands where for the team photo?

The clues the photographer gives are listed in the Lesson Planning Pack Notes. It is suggested that you pause the video after each clue to allow you pupils to try and work out the solution at each step.

This programme is part of the KS2 Maths Lesson Planning Pack on Problem-Solving, which includes two lesson starters, one great lesson idea and a CPD discussion.

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