Three insightful videos made by primary school teachers Wouldn’t it be great if teachers could have the time and money to make their own programmes and then have them shown on Teachers’ TV? Well, that’s what Teacher Video is all about and in this introductory programme you can see three videos produced by primary school teachers.

Lucy Care shows her video ‘Music All Around’ about an inclusive approach to music in Reepham Primary School in Norfolk. Sarah Treneer from Lanner Primary School in Cornwall shows her video on Peer Assessment, and Tim Taylor shows ‘Using Drama for Learning’, produced at Tuckswood First School in Norwich.

The teachers are joined in the studio by education consultant Adrienne Jones and Dr Richard Hatcher from UCE Birmingham Faculty of Education. With presenter Fenella George they discuss the content of their videos and consider how Teacher Video can be used for assessment, or as a powerful CPD tool to exchange ideas and reflect on practice.

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