Primary Whole School Inspections

We get some answers on the Section 5 inspection regime Three primary headteachers get the chance to grill top HMI Susan Gregory about Ofsted’s ‘Section 5’ inspection and what it means for primary managers. Issues of ‘who gets seen?’, inspection data, providing evidence for inspectors, making judgements in your self-evaluation, as well as the question ‘is Ofsted up to it?’, are put directly to the Inspector.

With the Section 5 regime well under way there are still many on the front line with questions and concerns and this opportunity to interrogate the inspectors is a valuable resource for all primary headteachers, governors and teachers

This week’s panel:
Chris Flathers, Headteacher, Federation of Goldbeaters Primary and the Orion Primary School, London
Barbara Cook, Headteacher, Guillemont Junior School, Hampshire
Andy Burford, Headteacher, Liss Junior School, Hampshire

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