Primary Support Staff – Career Paths – Around the School

Career development tips for primary support staff Moving on in your support staff role can seem like a daunting prospect, when faced with the huge choice of career paths, and the confusing array of qualifications and training needed for each of those paths.

To help find out which is the right route to take and what steps you can take to get there, we’ve given five primary support staff working around the school the opportunity to interrogate our panel of experts. The panel is: Lyn Sawicki, the Standards and Qualification consultant to the TDA; Richard Hallett who manages the Centre of Vocational Excellence for support staff training; and Lynn Holmes, an NVQ coordinator and GMB Union Learning Rep, who has moved up the career ladder having started as a cleaner.

Their questions cover areas such as how to move on from mealtime supervisors to teaching assistant, and from administration assistant to school’s liaison officer, and how to expand the role of a school’s premises manage.

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